M/O/T - School of Management, Organizational Development and Technology


The curricular programs of the M/O/T are university courses with defined target groups, established entry requirements, durations, course content and examination procedures. The courses conclude with and without academic degrees, such as MAS, MBA and MSc.

The customized programs are based on the necessary/required training and development needs of a defined target group within the company. The first step requires a specification of background, educational needs, participation in human resource management, scope, content and duration of each required training effort. With the decision-makers of the company in need, individual skills modules are developed, and designed and calculated for their content. The M/O/T organizes, coordinates, implements and evaluates both the professional execution of the planned training program, as well as the addition of knowledge into the organization if required.

Individual events, fireside chats, discussion forums, conferences and meetings on selected current topics provide for the sharing of opinions, experience, and knowledge as well as the collaboration between science, economy and society.